Secondary Products
Can GMs jump the species barrier?

While food manufacturers are legally obliged to show on the label when their ingredients are genetically modified (GM), they are not legally obliged to, and so usually don't, put on their labels when the meat and dairy ingredients come from animals fed on GM-feed. These types of ingredients are known as secondary products.

We have asked food manufacturers, for our Shop GMO-Free phone app, whether or not they can guarantee their secondary products. When they couldn't, we've marked the product with an amber cross.


Why are secondary products important?
Monsanto, and other bio-tech companies that develop and grow GM crops, have barely carried out any tests to ascertain the safety of genetic modification to foods. They justify this stance by claiming that their products are 'food' and not 'medicine', and therefore have no impact on health. It is patently nonsense to claim that what we eat has no effect on our physical body.

So it's been up to other independent, more sensible scientists to do the tests which have, largely, found that genetically modified ingredients in food do have a deleterious impact on health, and can cause many serious problems including birth defects.

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One of the ways in which the GM lobby tries to justify the fac that food manufacturers aren't legally obliged to tell their customers when they contain secondary products is to say that DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) cannot jump the species barrier.... for example, it cannot jump from cows to humans.

As genetic modification is about playing around with genes and DNA, they claim that this means that the genetically modified organisms found feed which cows consume will have no impact on human health. However, it's not about only about DNA ....there's the equally important RNA (ribonucleic acid), which scientists have found can jump the species.

Is there a risk of cross-species contamination?
A cell research paper*, published in 2012, shows how the micro-RNA spliced into genetically modified foods is changing our organs. In other words, RNA and DNA carry information which "talks to" our cells and our organs. This new information going into our bodies from the RNA of another species, which does not naturally belong in that food, is containing instructions which will change us to such an extent that we will become no longer human ... or what we consider to be human.

(* Exogenous plant MIR168a specifically targets mammalian LDLRAP1: evidence of cross-kingdom regulation by microRNA by Lin Zhang et al.)

In addition, a new study** published in the peer reviewed Public Library of Science (PLOS), find that there is sufficient evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments carry complete genes that can enter into the human circulation system through an unknown mechanism.

(** New study proves that GMOs fed to animals can jump species into humans who eat them )

So all this means that we should take a more precautionary approach to secondary products. The choice is yours, and we've helped you in making that choice by marking the item with an amber cross when the manufacturer could not guarantee to us that it contained meat or dairy products from animals fed on GM-free feed.

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