About The Therapy Book
By its author, hypnotherapist John Board

image I wrote The Therapy Book because I'd found that there was no one comprehensive resource which contained authoritative information on every holistic therapy available. In other words, I ended up writing the book I needed to read.

This was because, as a practising hypnotherapist, I always have the client's welfare at the forefront of my mind. And if I feel that the type of alternative therapy that I'm offering may not be the best one for them or their condition, then I always let them know. But it's not always easy to tell this to a client, especially if I don't know what to recommend instead.

So rather than just saying 'sorry' and showing them the door, leaving them frustrated and wondering in which direction to turn. I felt that I needed to have a complete 'toolkit' of other possible complementary therapies. That way, I could refer them to a more suitable therapist.

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What you will get
That's when I started to search for comprehensive and unbiased information on other holistic therapies. But, at first, my search was quite futile. All I could find was a handful of the well known alternative therapies, but not much else was easily available.

So my mission began, starting alphabetically from A to Z. Hours of research turned into weeks and weeks, and the more I searched, the more diverse were the therapies I found.

Then, as I gathered information about each therapy, I began to format it under different headings...
  • what the therapy is
  • how the therapy works
  • what the therapy can be used for
  • whether it is an effective form of therapy
  • whether there are any known side effects to the therapy

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Thus I now had a stockpile of some fascinating information which not only proved to be educational, but also extremely enlightening. In fact, it gradually dawned on me, what I had unwittingly written was a book.

It's a therapy handbook for the therapist, yes. But this is also a book for the layman who needs to find out about which possible therapies are available, how they work and how effective they are deemed to be.
Important information
If you find a therapy in this book that appears to be the solution to a health problem you've been experiencing, I'm pleased to have been of service. But it is important that you discuss it with your doctor first, before undertaking any course of treatment.

John Board, DipCAH PNLP C.HT.