Panchakarma Therapy
An ancient Indian ayurvedic technique

image What is panchakarma therapy?
Panchakarma therapy is a form of detoxification which is practised as part of the ancient Indian medical system, called ayurveda, or ayurvedic medicine.

Panchakarma therapy is becoming more popular in the Western world over recent years where it may be used as just a one-off form of therapy. However, as part of ayurveda, panchakarma therapy should be performed on a regular basis as a method of prevention and treatment for a multitude of illnesses.

The main theory behind panchakarma therapy is that it can prevent the accumulation of toxins (called doshas) within the body. It is believed that it is the accumulation of these toxins that causes disease and bad health.

How does panchakarma therapy work?
Panchakarma means 'five actions'. Hence there are five parts to panchakarma therapy which are selected according to the needs of the client. These five actions are: nasal therapy, emesis, purging and two kinds of therapeutic enema.

Panchakarma therapy is performed using special massage oils and massage techniques and the process lasts far longer than a standard ayurvedic massage would do. It should be performed by someone specially trained in panchakarma therapy. There are three treatment stages which would be undergone regardless of which of the five actions are being used. These three stages are pre-treatment, primary treatment and post-treatment.

As well as detoxifying the body so as to rid it of disease-causing toxins, panchakarma therapy also revitalises the tissues and is hence often referred to as a rejuvenation therapy.

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What can panchakarma therapy be used for?
As previously mentioned, panchakarma therapy should be used as a general detoxification of the body so as to rid the body of diseases, and when used on a regular basis it should also aid the body in preventing future diseases too. Therefore it would appear that there are no limits to what panchakarma therapy can be used for.

Is panchakarma therapy an effective form of therapy?
Panchakarma therapy has been used for thousands of years as part of the ancient Indian ayurvedic medicine system. It is only more recently being used in the Western world and is hence considered to be an alternative form of medicine.

As an alternative medicine, little or no study has been done as to its effectiveness and the opinion in the medical world is generally one of scepticism.

Are there any known side effects with panchakarma therapy?
There are no known side effects with panchakarma therapy.

Where can you find further information on panchakarma therapy?

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