Introducing the Shop GMO-Free App
The App the World's Been Waiting For!

We're proud to announce that the first (and only) Shop GMO-Free phone app is now launched, to help you avoid food which contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs) while shopping in UK shops and supermarkets.

Now, with the Shop GMO-Free app at our fingertips, we'll be able to 'persuade' food manufacturers what sorts of foods they should be supplying us with in a language they can understand - in other words, we can vote with our shopping baskets!

With the Shop GMO-Free app, it couldn't be easier - it's the no hassle way to buy foods for yourself and your family which are guaranteed by their manufacturers to be free from GMOs and from animals fed on GMO-free feed.

How will the Shop GMO-Free app help you?
  • You'll be able to quickly search through thousands of branded products, either by name, brand or aisle and shelf, all from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • You'll enjoy the speed and ease of knowing which foods to buy with our colourful and simple icons guiding you in your choices.
  • You'll also be able to avoid the increasingly recognised dangers to health of eating secondary products (when the meat and dairy ingredients come from animals fed on GM feed).

So simple and quick to use!
This is a such an easy-to-use app either while you're out shopping, or in preparing shopping lists wherever you are, work or home

You can search either by product, by brand or by supermarket aisle and shelf.

Just find the product from the alphabetic list by brand, or shelf and aisle, and you will be shown one of the following:
  • A green tick, which means that the manufacturer guarantees that the product is completely GM-free.
  • A yellow triangle, which means that although the manufacturer has guaranteed that the ingredients are completely GM-free free, it was unable to guarantee that the meat and dairy ingredients come from animals fed on GM-free feed.
  • A red cross, which means that the manufacturer was unable to guarantee that the ingredients are GM-free, or that the meat and dairy ingredients used in the product come from animals fed on GM-free feed.

Why should you avoid GM foods?
We have many articles in the GM section of our blog which highlight the dangers to health of genetically-modified foods. You can also learn about the medical research that has been carried out on the risk to humans of eating meat and dairy from animals, from this section: Secondary products.

Get your Shop GMO-Free App here:

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